Shipping Tape

Seal the deal with packing tape

The right shipping tape can mean the difference between a satisfied recipient and a package delivered in pieces. While protective pieces like bubble wrap can ensure that fragile items aren't broken, packing tape is used on almost every delivery and is the thin line that keeps your parcel in place.

You have many different choices to make when you're shopping for shipping tape. Whether you prefer clear packing tape or printed packing tape, or whether you tear the tape with your teeth or use a packing tape dispenser, if you're sending a parcel, you should ensure that you have the best tape that can stand up to the wear-and-tear of delivery.

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Custom Packing Tape

If you send a lot of shipments, you may want to invest in some cute custom packing tape. You have all kinds of options, from colored packing tape that can match your mailing labels, to printed packing tape that can display your name, business logo or even contact information.

Regardless of how your packing tape looks, the most important thing about it is how it works. You want to find a tape that is flexible to your needs, and can help you seal any shape of parcel. You also want tape that is durable and secure, and can stand up to all kinds of different situations, including wet weather, rough handling, hot delivery trucks and an afternoon spent on the porch when the recipient isn't at home to receive the package. However, you also don't want your recipient to have to resort to using an industrial cutter to open the package, so make sure that it can easily be removed or cut.

Shipping Tape Dispenser

It can be a complete pain in the tongue to try to constantly tear shipping tape with your teeth, and you know you will never be able to find your scissors when you need them to pack up your parcel. If you do a lot of shipping, consider getting a shipping tape dispenser. Not only can it keep your shipping tape clean and organized, it can also allow you to easily wrap your packages with one hand, and simply tear the tape off at the end.