Shipping Software

Pack and track with freight software

Shipping software and automatic shipping systems can make light work of your regular postage needs. There are hundreds of different versions of freight software available, so you need to choose one that works best with the type of packages you're sending, the location you're sending from (or to) and the amount of shipping you do on a regular basis.

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The most reliable postal software comes right from your local post office. They are well-versed in local postage and delivery rules and regulations, costs and best practices. However, there are also several shipping companies that offer reliable shipping software that can be used to help you do anything from track your shipping to monitor your shipping costs.

Mailing Software

The best mailing software can help you manage all your shipping needs. Look for a program that can do everything, including determining your postage costs, printing your mailing labels and arranging for pickup and delivery.

You also want to make sure that your shipping software is sensitive to the needs of your particular business. If you continually ship large packages, you need software that can work with postage scales or postage meters to accurately gauge the amount of postage needed, right down to the smallest half-ounce. If your shipments are on the smaller side, look for software that specializes in the shipping and tracking of envelopes.

You also want to make sure that your mailing software helps you save money. That means it should help you find the best deals on shipping rates and guarantee accuracy so that you're not spending more than you need to on delivery.

Freight Forwarding Software

Freight forwarding software, like any business software such as restaurant or retail software, can help you completely manage all aspects of your business; in this case, your supply chain, from start to finish. The best freight forwarding software takes care of all your customs and foreign shipping needs, from ensuring proper postage is used to helping you through the customs process.

As with any shipping software, your freight forwarding software should be designed to meet the needs of your specific shipping situation. You need software that is flexible and accurate, and can deal with a number of different types and sizes of parcels in any foreign customs market.