Return Address Labels

Find out about personalized return address labels

Your return address labels can also be used in your marketing and branding campaign, and can be combined with your other shipping supplies to create a memorable image for your company. While your shipping labels can help your customers recognize packages coming from your company, a custom return address label can really sell your business.

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Business address labels can be used to reiterate your brand image to customers and suppliers. Whether you're shipping product, invoices or just mailing out some advertising and communication, offering a recognizable logo that is repeated throughout your shipping supplies makes your business stand out in others' minds. Your return address mailing label should remind others of who you are and what you do.

Personalized Return Address Labels

If you're looking to buy return address label, it would be especially cost-effective to consider purchasing personalized return address labels. Personalized labels can typically be purchased at reasonable prices and provide you with more flexibility than a standard return address label. Some information you should consider featuring on a personalized return address label includes your logo, your company name and contact information, as well as any other identifying features, such as your business hours or website address.

Make sure that your return address labels are clear and easy to read. If your logo is large, you may want to consider making it smaller in order to fit it on the label comfortably, or you may even consider designing an additional logo particularly for your shipping needs. You also want to make sure that the labels are easy to read, which means you should think about a simple font and basic colors. Don't overwhelm your customers with incredibly busy labels that are difficult to follow.

Cheap Return Address Labels

Even if you're shopping for custom items, it's not hard to find cheap return address labels. If you do a lot of shipping, consider buying a roll of return address labels or in bulk, since you will pay less for each label the more you buy. You can also lower the price of the labels you buy by reducing the amount of information you include. Many printers will charge per line printed, so if you can fit all the important details into a couple of lines, you may find yourself spending less for more labels.