Postage Scales

Weigh the features of different shipping scales

Buying your own postal scale is a great way to save time and money when you do a lot of shipping. Shipping scales can make it easy to determine how much you need to be spending on your shipping and, with the newest postage scales, you can even print out your own mailing labels.

Purchasing your own postage meter scale can save you the effort of running to the post office every time you want to send a parcel or package, and can save you money by allowing you to pay for your shipping in bulk. You can typically find a postal shipping scale at your local post office, or your local parcel delivery service.

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Digital Postage Scales

A digital postage scale is probably the most convenient type of postage scale you can purchase. A digital shipping scale is incredibly accurate and can measure the weight of your packages right down to the smallest increments to make sure you're getting the most out of your postage spending.

If you choose an electronic postal scale, you can almost completely rule out the element of human error in weighing your packages, which allows you to more accurately gauge your shipping costs. Digital postal scales are a good choice because they tend to come with a postage meter and printer installed, so you can print your own labels.

When you're choosing a digital postal scale, make sure you purchase one that can handle the typical weights you will be shipping. If you deal with letter-size packages, a smaller scale will do, but if you typically ship larger parcels, you need to make sure that your scale can accurately and efficiently handle the weight.

Using Postage Scales

Accuracy is the most important thing to look for when shopping for a postage scale. Whether your scale has the capacity to print labels or if you're printing your labels from your computer, the price you pay for your postage depends on the weight of the package. You want your scale to accurately assess weights below half an ounce.