Postage Meters

Stamp out inefficiency with postage machines

Postage meters provide many of the same services as postage scales, but are regulated by your local post office and can provide you with immediate proof of postage. When using postage scales, you can weigh your packages and purchase postage afterward, either in person or online, but with a postage meter scale, you can generate actual postage stamps.

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Postage machines are a great addition to any home office, since they can save you the time and effort of going to the post office for any of your shipping needs. You can also save a bit of money by generating your own postage and buying in bulk.

Postage Meter Supplies

Your postage meter is much like your computer's printer. It requires supplies and maintenance in order to work efficiently. You should always make sure to keep your postage meter clean and free of dust, and also avoid exposing the machine to moisture.

If you're going to make the most of your postage meter, it's important to keep your postage meter supplies well stocked. There are several things you should keep on hand to keep your postage meter printing properly: postage meter ink, postage meter tapes and postage meter printing materials are the most important.

Where to Purchase a Postage Meter

When you're looking for a purchase postage meter, you should start with your local post office or parcel shipping company. Because the meters are regulated by the government, you can't just pick one up at your local office supply store. However, you'll find that most meters are very reasonably priced. You may even be able to find a free postage meter if you shop around, since many postal outlets will offer a deal on the meters if you purchase a bulk amount of postage in advance.

If you're getting a free meter with your purchase, make sure that the postage scale can accurately weigh smaller packages but can also handle the weight of any larger parcels you may send. You may also want to bite the bullet and spend a little money in order to pick up a more accurate digital postal meter, rather than a manual one.