Mailing Labels

Make your mark with shipping labels

Mailing labels are a great way to offer continuity in your marketing and branding approach. Personalized shipping labels can be ordered with customized graphics, logos and a variety of printed information. Address labels that reflect your company's brand can be a helpful reminder to your customers and your suppliers, allowing you to garner more attention to your company.

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Your shipping mailing labels should match your other office supplies, including your letterhead and your business cards. You may even want to invest in matching mailing envelopes to consistently present your company's image. Although labels for mailing may seem like a small detail in your overall business plan, it's those little details that can help you get ahead in today's competitive work world.

Personalized Mailing Labels

Personalized mailing labels should be clear and concise in the information and image that they offer your customers and suppliers. You should choose a clear font that's easy to read, and also avoid having too many images included in the label, which may distract your receiver. A white label is typically best, since it's easy to see anything printed on it; however, colored labels also offer a bit of personality and can be a great way to grab attention.

Your company name and contact information is the most important aspect of the label and, as such, should be prominently displayed. However, other important aspects of the label may include your logo and any other information you want to be well known, such as your website address or your personal contact info.

Adhesive Shipping Labels

Adhesive shipping labels are a great choice, particularly if you do a lot of product shipment. The information you provide on the label is only as reliable as the label itself; if the label falls off in transport, then you've wasted your money. Adhesive shipping labels are also convenient, since they're easy to apply. Shop around for the best prices on custom adhesive labels, and if you do a lot of shipping, you will likely find that buying in bulk will offer you a discount. Shopping online for your shipping materials is most convenient, since you can even have them delivered straight to your home or office.