Bubble Wrap

Boycott breakage with bubble envelopes

Bubble wrap and bubble envelopes, while always entertaining to pop, are the best postage protection you can buy. Flexible and able to protect the most fragile shipments, bubble wrap help you ensure that your parcels arrive at their destinations in one piece.

Bubble wrap is a better choice than other postage protection options, such as packing peanuts, because it's able to carefully wrap the shipment without the risk of any contents shifting. Bubble packing is lightweight so it doesn't add to your postage costs, and can fit around just about any type of parcel. Furthermore, many of the latest bubble wraps are more environmentally friendly and can easily be reused time and again.

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Anti-Static Bubble Wrap

Anti-static bubble wrap is a great option for your most sensitive and fragile shipments. Particularly if you're shipping electronics, you don't want your recipient to end up with a shock as they pull out their purchase, so using anti-static bubble wrap can allow you to protect the package without damaging the equipment or zapping your fingers with static electricity. Many of the latest technological devices are sensitive to static and electricity, so make sure that you purchase bubble mailer supplies that specifically say that they are anti-static, since not all types of bubble wrap are.

Poly Bubble Envelopes

If you regularly ship smaller parcels that need to be protected, poly bubble envelopes are a great solution for all your needs. Poly is short for polyethylene, the material used to produce those popping bubbles that will cushion your parcel throughout its travels. Rather than packing your parcel in bubble wrap and then shipping it in a box, a poly bubble envelope can be purchased in any number of sizes to suit your delivery.

If you regularly ship small envelope-sized parcels, you can even purchase custom poly bubble envelopes that have your business name, logo or contact information printed on them. However, if you're dealing with larger parcels, you may want to forgo the envelope and simply use bubble wrap and a shipping box with some shipping tape to send your package. With larger or oddly shaped parcels, it's a good idea to use the wrap to completely encase the object, rather than relying on the envelope to cushion the blows of shipping through the mail.