Shipping Cases

Keep your goods safe and secure with a custom shipping case

Shipping cases are a great option if you need to send important items by mail or air. These cases are made to be extremely rugged and often come in a variety of designs that are geared to specific objects. Plastic shipping case designs are the most commonly available; the plastic is extremely hard and therefore much more durable than simple plastic crates or boxes.

Shipping cases usually feature protection on the inside, too. Many have form-fitted foam inserts that help protect your item from sliding around inside the case. They may also have fabric lining so that if the object does touch the case, it won't get scuffed, chipped or cracked.

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Types of Shipping Cases

There are many different types of shipping cases available, but a few of the most common options include:

  • Trade show and display shipping cases. Folding walls, tables and banners are popular parts of trade show displays. You can find display and trade show shipping cases to fit these items individually, or to store multiple items in one container.
  • Computer shipping cases. Shipping computers is a delicate procedure, so it may be wise to invest in a durable case that's specially designed to secure a computer and protect both its outside and inside from damage.
  • Musical instrument shipping cases. Many people need to ship their musical instruments when they participate in a performance or competition, and it's extremely important that the items arrive undamaged. Musical instrument cases are custom-designed to protect instruments from damage and, as much as possible, from going out of tune.
  • ATA shipping cases. ATA cases are designed to meet the Airline Transportation Association's specifications for freight transport by air. You can find ATA-approved cases for trade shows, computers, musical instruments and more.

Custom-Made Shipping Cases

If you can't find the perfect case for the item you're shipping, a custom shipping case may be a good choice. Custom-made shipping cases are a little more expensive, but they can be built to your exact specifications and goals. They can also be made to varying levels of durability, so you can find the perfect level of protection for your shipment.