Shipping Bags

Simplify shipping with the right mailing bags

Many people don't think of using shipping bags (or mailing bags, as they're also known) to send goods through the mail, but depending on the items you're shipping, they can be the best choice. You can find shipping bags in all sizes and in a variety of different materials and weights.

Shipping bags are no more expensive than other shipping methods, and they may even be cheaper in some cases. They can also cut down on the amount of packaging waste that is generated in shipping, which is a huge benefit to the environment. You can even find shipping bags for different specialty items, from food to fragile objects and much more.

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When to Use Shipping Bags

Shipping bags are used to protect bulky objects that can't be packed in more conventional containers, like shipping boxes or shipping crates. These bags provide the shipment with protection from the elements, as well as from scuffing, dirt and dust. Items that are commonly transported in shipping bags include furniture and carpeting.

For smaller items that aren't likely to be significantly damaged, shipping bags may be the only packaging materials required. Magazines, for example, will often go through the mail in thin plastic shipping bags called poly bags.

Types of Shipping Bags

There are two main types of shipping bags available:

  • Paper shipping bags. Paper shipping bags aren't commonly used unless the item is already enclosed in plastic. You may see paper shipping bags with a plastic liner built right in, to minimize the amount of plastic used without compromising durability.
  • Plastic shipping bags. Plastic shipping bags are the most common choice for shipping, since they are generally completely waterproof. You can find varying levels of thickness in the plastic—thinner plastic minimizes waste, but may not be as durable for items that are larger or will be bounced around.

Once you have chosen the material, you can begin to look at additional features. Padded mailing bags are a popular option for shipping breakable or easily damaged items. Cooler bags are another choice if you need to ship food or other things that need to stay below a certain temperature.

One final feature you may want to consider is anti-static. While it may not seem like a big consideration, anti-static shipping bags can make objects easier to remove from their packaging, which is helpful for the person receiving them.