Mailing Envelopes

Ensure your goods arrive safely with padded envelopes

Mailing envelopes are a staple in the postal system, and nowadays there are numerous options available for mailing nearly any type of item. From documents and letters to photos and CDs, there is a perfectly sized envelope out there that will help keep your item safe as it travels through the mail.

You can also find a visual variety of mailing and shipping envelopes on store shelves, including different colors, shapes and borders. On the other hand, envelopes now also have many practical features that can make the difference when you're in business, or if you need to send out many letters in a short period of time.

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Types of Mailing Envelopes

If a document must arrive in pristine condition, then a shipping tube is usually the way to go. But for shipping everyday items, you probably aren't too concerned about crease lines, so envelopes are the most cost-effective option.

There are envelopes available for nearly any need, but common kinds include:

  • Letter and business envelopes. Letter and business envelopes haven't changed much over the years. They come in a variety of sizes and may feature a plastic address slot.
  • Document envelopes. Document envelopes are like letter and business envelopes, but they are large enough to fit an entire unfolded document inside. They can be sized to fit a standard sheet of paper or legal-sized documents.
  • Padded envelopes. Padded envelopes are available in paper, cardboard or plastic, and they have a foam or bubble wrap lining inside to help cushion items.
  • CD and photo envelopes. CD and photo envelopes are typically made from stiff cardboard and are shaped to the size of a photo or CD. They are sturdy enough to prevent damage to their contents during shipping.

There are many other types of envelopes available, and there are also many features you can look for in your envelopes. Colored envelopes are a fun choice for simple letter writing, or you may want to look into features like self-adhering or easy-open envelopes.

Custom Envelopes

Many businesses use branded envelopes for their mail transactions. While it's possible to order these envelopes from an external source, it can be just as easy to create your own printed envelopes. A template of your brand can be uploaded to an envelope printer (or an envelope printer can be connected to your computer), and you can print off envelopes as you need them. However, if your business sends out a lot of differently sized correspondence and packages, then mailing labels software might be a better investment.