Freight Services

Move any cargo with the help of freight companies

A freight company is responsible for moving your goods safely and securely from one part of the world to another. The nature of the package, the time requirements placed on its delivery and the distance it has to travel are all factors that determine which freight services to use. Larger, more renowned freight companies will often take on many contracts ranging from short delivery (within a city or state) to the considerably more complex worldwide delivery, involving international trade and customs. However, some companies, especially smaller shipping businesses, choose to specialize only in land-based modes of transportation. Many domestic freight firms focus their attention on moving items within the country or continent using trains and trucks.

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There are literally thousands of different freight shippers in the world, many of which are members of various regulating bodies, including the International Air Transport Association (IATA) or the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

Logistics Brokers

Freight companies are not the only kinds of firms involved in the shipping industry. There are also logistics brokers—sometimes called freight brokers—which specialize in helping companies with the wider shipping and distribution process. They are not shippers, but facilitate the freight forwarding of goods from a producer to the marketplace by arranging a transportation and distribution network.

Logistics companies might be compared to a travel facilitator like Expedia or Flight Center: they do not actually handle the shipping containers or engage in the shipping process itself, but they match a shipper with a freight company that will offer the most cost-effective route and process available. In some cases, logistics brokers will become involved in the shipping and distribution process for an added cost, but this is not common practice.

Freight Insurance

There are two ways to insure a package: by its weight and size, or by its value. Traditionally, the trend in freight transportation has been toward the former, but this has changed in recent years. The new way of insuring items among many freight shipping companies helps better compensate customers who work with smaller but very valuable products. Note that there are also different types of freight insurance depending on whether you're shipping by ocean or air versus road and rail. Freight quotes for each shipment can vary according to its unique risks.